Really, Why Is A Healthy Lunch So Important In The Workplace

healthy office foodIt’s raining outside and you forgot to bring lunch to work again. This is the perfect day to warm up with a delicious vegetable stew and hot cup of spicy tea, but you don’t want to venture out into the blustery wind and weather. If you were a member of LunchClub, you could have ordered today’s lunch yesterday.

Just imagine – no more settling for a dismal excuse of a meal from a vending machine, or skipping lunch altogether. Count on an office lunch delivery that consists of healthy, tasty foods.

It has been estimated that one out of every four office employees skips lunch and continues to work. One of every three employees who eat lunch consumes it at the desk while handling phone calls, correspondence, and research.

Check Out 3 Healthy + Easy Lunch Ideas For Work

The purpose of a lunch break is to give your body time to recharge by feeding it important nutrients. It’s easier for your body to stay healthy with an active metabolism encouraged by a combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Supervisors and managers are known to schedule midmorning team and section meetings. There are several advantages when meetings are held at that time:

  • Your mind is still fresh so you can concentrate on the itinerary.
  • The break in concentration over matters at your desk helps your brain clarify situations so you can resolve them.
  • Management may have heard about OfficeServe’s TableTop Account and ordered a variety of appetizing chef prepared food, like fruit or seafood trays, to be delivered near the end of the meeting.

A healthy, balanced diet helps you concentrate and reduces the chance of making a mistake. A simple snack of granola and yogurt helps fulfill the grains and dairy nutritional requirements in your diet.

Snacking while you’re working is not as healthy as stopping to eat and enjoy a mouthwatering office lunch delivery. There is a problem when employees eat snacks or lunch and work at the same time.

It is so easy to get involved in the matter at hand that a person tends to overeat without realizing it until a “full” message is sent from the brain. That causes the worker to be uncomfortable and unable to focus on the job at hand.

Look forward to a midday meal by adding colour and variety to your lunch. Red berries, green pepper, and yellow squash increase the appeal to the lunch delivered for you. You’ll feel more energetic and less tempted to stop for a snack on your way home from work.